Bosnia vs Egypt – Player Ratings

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Bosnia vs Egypt


Bosnian sports commentator Marjan Mijajlovic called it one of the “worst performances he’s ever witnessed,” by our team.  We are not too far off with our own assessment.  Despite the following ratings, we shift the biggest blame over to Safet Susic who failed to come up with a comprehensive plan and to utilize the correct players at the correct positions.  A 4-1-3-2 system requires a defensive midfielder that can absorb the pressure and distribute the ball well.  Neither Tino-Sven Susic, nor Anel Hadzic were capable of doing that, and the question remains if they are the answers to the DM question if Susic insists on playing the same formation.


Asmir Begovic – 6 – Couldn’t do much about either of the goals. Did well commanding the box and dealing with loose balls.

Mensur Mujdza – 5.5 – Just returned from an injury that kept him out for weeks. The lack of form was apparent today as he was beaten too easily on the right in few occasions. Was careful going all out for the ball due to the on-and-off injury he has been suffering this entire season. The lack of a true right-wing player in the first half gave him extra work to deal with on the right.

Ermin Bicakcic – 4.5 – Beaten too easily in numerous occasions and left in the dust for Egypt’s 2nd goal. Had trouble reading the game and fell out of line a couple times.

Emir Spahic – 4.5 – Rare mediocre performance from our captain. A bad give-away in the first half almost led to an early Egypt goal. Could’ve done better closing the gaps for both of Egypt’s goals. Looked frustrated as the game advanced and could’ve easily earned a yellow card.

Sead Kolasinac – 7.5 – Played only the first half but did everything right. Arguably the only player of the night that impressed. Unbeaten on the left, he even committed to the middle and made a superbly timed sliding tackle on the right to dispossess Mohammed Salah of the ball near the end of the 1st half. Zig-zagged past Egypt’s right back in one occasion to assist Dzeko, who sent it just wide off the target from inside the penalty area. Was caught off guard once by a through ball but committed a smart foul by not letting his opponent get past him. The defense fell apart after he was subbed out. Only his 2nd match for Bosnia (1st against Argentina) and he was arguably Bosnia’s best in both of them.

Samir Muratovic – N/A – The 38 year old played the first 12 mins and surprisingly held his own, producing a cutting pass at one point that almost turned into a chance for goal. This was his farewell match for the national team. He was first capped in 1999 and went on to play 23 games, today being his 24th.

Tino-Sven Susic – 5 – Came on for Muratovic. Neat ball control and hustle. He was one of the better players in the first half. However, he is not the ball-winner our team desperately needs. Fell apart in the 2nd half, as did the rest of our team. Gave the ball away numerous times, notably in the 2nd half. Out-paced during Egypt’s counterattacks. He is best suited for the deep-lying playmaker role next to a true defensive midfielder.

Sejad Salihovic – 5 – Average first half performance, not so good second. Victim of constant change of role and position. Played as a defensive mid in the 1st half where he did a decent job creating chances from deep and controlling the possession with Susic to his side, but like Susic, he lacked in defensive ability and was out-paced in Egypt’s counterattacks. Switched to left-back at the half after Kolasinac left the pitch. Dismal 2nd half performance as he went missing a couple times during Egypt’s counter-attacks on his side of the field.

Haris Medunjanin – 6 – Average performance. Was deployed as an attacking midfielder in the first half with the absence of Pjanic. Created a couple chances and did well passing down the wings. Out-paced in the 2nd half and gave away the ball too easily in a number of occasions. Desperately needed a more creative Pjanic next to him to operate at full potential.

Senad Lulic – 7 – Along with Kolasinac, one of the few who showed hunger for victory today. Out-paced his opponent on the left and cooperated well with Kolasinac. Did well to drag Egyptian players towards him, opening up space for teammates to make runs. Made efforts to create chances up front but was unproductive.

Vedad Ibisevic – 4.5 – Frustrating performance from the Bundesliga star forward who looked rusty today. Could not do much from the lack of chances up front.

Edin Dzeko – 5 – Carried an injury to Innsbruck today and was only supposed to play the first half. For whatever reason, Susic did not take him off at the half. Signaled to be subbed off in the 2nd half but ended up playing till the end. Did not have much to work with up front with the lack of chances. Had a couple chances but was off-balance and couldn’t make the best of them. Constantly crowded by Egypt’s defenders. Produced a fantastic shot from outside the box in the 2nd that the goalkeeper superbly saved.

Anel Hadzic – 5 – Came on for Mujdza in the 2nd half as a defensive mid next to Susic. Did not bring anything new to the team. Rusty first 20 mins as he gave away the ball too easily in a couple occasions and failed a couple attempted tackles, one of which left Salah running free towards goal. Lacked in defensive ability and was weak during Egypt’s counterattacks. More composed near the end of the match.

Ognjen Vranjes – 5.5 – Fought hard but didn’t make much of an impact. Made a goal-saving tackle to dispossess Salah of the ball after a failed tackle by Hadzic. Made a couple powering runs up front but with no success.

Izet Hajrovic – 7 – Showed a lot of fight and determination in the last 30 mins of the match as he sprinted for every challenge and loose ball. Ripped a powerful left-footed shot in his style from 25 meters out that the goalkeeper did well to stop. Tracked back well when Egypt held the ball. Should have started from the first minute.

Edin Visca – 5 – Dismal 30 mins from the Istanbul BB star. After a promising match against Argentina, he showed next to nothing today.

Avdija Vrsajevic – N/A – Played the last 10 mins and made no impact.